Tata Mutual Fund launches Tata Housing Opportunities Fund

Tata Mutual Fund has launched Tata Housing Opportunities Fund, an openended equity scheme following the housing theme.

Tata Housing Opportunities Fund is an open-ended fund that will invest in a portfolio of companies that mainly supply the materials, products, and services that go into building a house. This is an opportunity to potentially create wealth for your future, by investing in companies whose products you may purchase.

“A house is one of the most cherished investments that we make. And this could be an opportunity to potentially generate long term wealth from such investments. This is a more structural offering rather than a time-bound tactical portfolio. Many of the companies that fit into this theme also benefit from the demographic dividend of our country in the form of a rising per-capita incomes, increasing urbanisation, rising middleclass, nuclear families, young and educated workforce etc. Thus, the portfolio would qualify as a good longterm investment,” said Tejas Gutka, the fund manager.

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