SBI customers receive alert for digital transactions

State Bank of India has once again cautioned its 45 million customers against online fraud practices. There is no denying the fact that banking facilities have improved significantly with the launch of online banking, but it has also created new difficulties for the account holders. This is the reason why several banks and RBI itself keep on issuing alerts for their customers from time to time regarding the digital fraud.

These days people are availing banking facilities from their mobile phones with the help of different applications. People using smartphones  for banking services should remain extra cautious. For its part, SBI has said that people must remain alert against the rapidly growing cases of banking fraud.

The bank said in an alert stated that the customers must not keep any confidential information in their smartphone. SBI has warned that if you save your banking PIN, debit card, credit card information and its password, CVV, etc. in the mobile, you are more at risk of becoming a victim of digital fraud. According to SBI, you should delete all banking-related information from your mobile immediately.

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