Prime Shares Estate Brings Crowdfunding Opportunities in London’s Real Estate Market for Indians

Up till a few years ago, having property in London was almost as close to fantasy, but thanks to the changing world macroeconomic scenario that has enabled the overseas customers and investors to purchase their dream property in their dream city. UK-based property technology firm, Prime Shares Estate (PSE) arrives in India with profitable opportunities for investors and end-users in the London’s property market. PSE’S call to Indian buyers is the result of growing interest of global investors in London’s Real Estate market. The currency situation is an advantage for the investors since the declining GBP has given the international investors an edge, and also Brexit has created real opportunities with declining property prices in central London locations for the first time. Amidst this changing economic scenario, PSE is interested in serving the best lucrative options for Indian buyers.

PSE buys the properties, and the investors hold shares in the property in proportion to their investment. They are also assigned ‘stay credit’ which allows them to stay in those apartments on their holidays in London.

While introducing the PSE, one of its co-founders, Arjun Dublish said, “We are the only business with the offering and expertise of foreign exchange risk management where we manage the currency risks on behalf of the investors, only business that offers investors the option of stay credit so they can use the investment Central London flats as holiday homes as well.”

“Our pricing model (5-15, which is 5% upfront and 15% of the net capital appreciation) is in line with the other crowdfunding businesses in the UK who offer none of the advantages that we offer (international crowdfunding, FX hedge and stay credit model), so our services are very competitively priced to expand volumes,” Dublish further added.

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