Mumbai 2034 plan for housing unveiled

The much awaited Development Plan (DP) 2034 for Mumbai was unveiled, paving the way for the space-starved city to have more land available to build homes and commercial spaces.

Infusion of new developable land and increasing the FSI (Floor Space Index) in the island city up to 3 for residential properties are the major takeaways of the revised development plan, which will be the blueprint for the city’s land use over the next 16 years. FSI is the ratio of the total built-up area to the total area of a plot. It is basically a tool that defines the extent of construction permissible on a plot. In the plan introduced, the FSI for commercial properties is raised up to 5 in the island city from earlier 1.33.

For suburbs, new FSI will be up to 2.5 and 5 for residential and commercial properties, respectively. The existing FSI for the two categories is 2 and 2.5, respectively.

Unveiling the document, Maharashtra Urban Development department Principal Secretary Nitin Kareer said, “Among other major issues, availability of open spaces is well taken care of in the DP. No open space reservation has been removed even as some extra open space is proposed to be created, because the government feels that open space is the important parameter of the quality of life”.

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