‘Freedom from bureaucracy’: Goyal launches single window for biz approvals

Commerce minister Piyush Goyal announced the soft launch of a National Single Window System for approvals, adding the government is looking to remove irrelevant compliances to improve ease of doing business.

The portal is currently set up to provide relevant approvals from 18 Central government departments and 9 states, with another 14 departments and 5 states set to add their compliances to the portal by the end of December. The portal offers a single dashboard, allowing businesses to apply for clearances, track progress and respond to queries. “This is freedom from bureaucracy and from windows within windows,” said the Minister, adding “nobody wants to be a detriment to doing business.”

Goyal said the portal would become a “one stop shop” for state and Central government compliances and bring transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the ecosystem. The portal will also offer a Know Your Approvals service to inform businesses of the details of all the approvals they need to obtain as well as a common registration form, document repository and e-communication module.

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