Cyber fraudsters using novel trick on net banking

The Bhopal cyber police have recently issued an advisory for the customers who use Internet banking. Fraudsters are cheating users using a simple trick. The SBI has also issued an alert for its customers.

Yogesh Choudhary, ADG, Cyber Cell, has stated that the fraudsters first get the login ID and password of the banking app. Then, they transfer some amount into the e-term deposit/electronic special term deposit account. To perform such transactions, no OTP is required and a new fixed deposit account comes into existence. And, in the main account, the amount shows debited. After creation of the new FD account, an SMS is released in which the details of the e-IDR/e-STOR are mentioned. After reading the SMS, the account-holder finds out that the amount had been withdrawn. From there, the racketeers start calling the account-holders.

They pretend to be bank officials and say importantly that they have the full details of the account-holder. At this, the account-holder falls into their trap and believes erroneously that the caller is an official from the bank. They ask that more such transactions be stopped. The fraudsters ask for the OTP which is received on the registered mobile number to stop such activities. Once the OTP is given, the whole amount is siphoned off into the accounts of the racketeers.

The ADG also mentioned that, in reality, the amount seen in the e-TDR/e-STDR has not gone anywhere and is secure in the FD account. If one gets such an SMS, they should contact the bank officials personally. The officials will help the account-holders if such a situation arises.

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