App for Cab hailing service without surge pricing

A start-up has come up with an app-based cab-hailing service “CabIndians” that promises to do away with the intimidating ‘surge pricing’. The start-up says it will offer fixed-rate card for given distances. Minimum tariff starts at Rs 40 and there will be zero no peak hour surcharge. The start-up is promoted by Bilwam India Cabs Private Ltd.

“We have tied up with about 700 drivers. We have launched our services in Hyderabad and have plans to launch services in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai after we tie-up with at least 500 drivers in each of these cities. We expect this to happen in the next three months,” a spokesperson of the cab-hailing firm said.

Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali formally launched the service on Saturday.

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