American Express Global Business Travel to employ SunTec’s cutting-edge billing system

SunTec, the leading revenue management firm, announced its latest customer, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), a leading global business travel provider.


Corporate travel is a multibillion-dollar industry, with more than 500 million trips being made in the United States alone this year, according to the GBTA Foundation. Corporate travellers’ experience of service levels is enhanced by their use of mobile travel and payment apps outside of work, and thus they expect corporate services to be real-time and contextually relevant. SunTec’s Xelerate platform is flexible enough to onboard new geographic regions and weaves data locked in various legacy and modern billing systems to create relevant offers for American Express GBT’s corporate clients.


“We chose SunTec’s technology to support our global billing needs. SunTec’s technology, Xelerate, has the ability to bring together all types of data from systems of engagement and record. Global standardisation of our capabilities is a key GBT objective that helps us provide a seamless experience to our clients’ travel managers,” said Michael Konstas, vice president of billing strategy at American Express GBT.


SunTec CEO Nanda Kumar added, “As employees are getting more accustomed to using new transport and hospitality services such as Airbnb and Uber in their personal lives, business travel should move quickly to adapt to customer habits and offer new programs to reflect the modern way of working. Our services will assist American Express GBT to be able to predict what their customers want, when exactly they want it and how much it will cost.”


Kumar continued, “Having an accessible, universal data strategy brings the best out of the rich information held in legacy and modern IT systems. This strategy is core to every organisation that cares about customer retention and growth. An accessible data platform also makes regulatory compliance much easier to achieve. I am proud SunTec is helping this travel leader provide state-of-the-art travel management programmes to its corporate clients across the world.”

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