WB banks to offer select services with 50% staff

The banks in West Bengal will now perform only some limited activities for the prevailing the rising COVID-19 situation as the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) has issued a directive on April 26, 2021 in this regard.

Addressing all the regional heads of the banks, Nabin Chandra Dash, Convener of SLBC, West Bengal, stated that following a directive from the Indian Banks Association (IBA), branches will now perform minimum activities like cash deposit and withdrawals, clearing of cheques, government transactions, remittances etc. The branches will operate with 50% workforce.

According to Dash, SLBC has stipulated banking operations to some limited activities which are essential for the branches. In addition, if any branch can offer any other service, it is free to do that depending on staff strength. “We have not asked to stop any activity but listed some activities, which have to be performed, and the rest is on branches,” he further added.

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