SEBI to charge only Rs. 1L per exchange in commodity derivatives

Sebi decided to levy a flat fee of Rs 1 lakh per exchange on turnover arising from agricultural commodity derivatives, instead of levying turnover-based slab rates.

The government, Sebi and exchanges are taking various steps to promote agricultural commodity derivative segment so that the benefits of agricultural commodity derivative are passed on to the farmers and Farmers Producer Organization (FPOs), Sebi Chief Ajay Tyagi told.

Sebi board has approved that “instead of levying regulatory fee at the prescribed turn-over based slab rates, a nominal regulatory fee at a flat rate of Rs 1 lakh per exchange, would be levied on turnover arising from agricultural commodity derivatives”.

Further, in order to pass on the desired benefits from reduction of regulatory fees, Sebi has proposed that exchanges dealing with agricultural commodities derivatives will create a separate fund earmarked for the benefit of farmers/FPOs.