Paytm rolls out payout links

Paytm has launched Payout Links for businesses, enabling them to instantly process payouts to customers, employees and vendors, without collecting their bank details.

As businesses struggle with the ever-growing numbers of manual financial processes, Payout Links offers seamless payment integration for businesses to quickly send incentives and refunds to customers through the easy and inexpensive method of a simple payout link.

Removing the need to store bank details, the facility benefits partner SMEs in diverse sectors such as gaming, e-commerce, retail, export and manufacturing, to transfer salaries, vendor payments, and commissions instantly. Paytm Payout Links can be easily created and shared with customers, vendors and employees in one go, said a release issued by the company.

The receiver needs to simply open the link and is automatically provided a list of saved accounts such as Paytm Wallet, Paytm UPI and connected bank accounts, which can be chosen to receive money instantly.

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