Northern Arc to boost direct lending business

Northern Arc Capital, a nonbanking finance company (NBFC) that provides access to debt for under-banked individuals and enterprises in India, plans to strengthen its direct lending business to focus on small business loans (SBL), consumer loans, micro finance and mid-market lending to emerging enterprises.

“Over the last six months, we had a sizeable disbursement on this (direct lending) book. In fact, on a cumulative basis, we have close to five lakh loans that have been disbursed through this platform, of which we have done close to three lakh loans in the last few quarters. So, there has been a reasonable amount of traction in Q2,” Bama Balakrishnan, COO, Northern Arc, told.

Northern Arc creates a platform to connect millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors through a combination of capital, products and partnerships. It has structured several innovative products in the Indian market, including Multi-Originator Securitisation (MosecTM), covered bond, and pooled loan/bond issuance.

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