Mercedes-Benz India and Daimler Financial Services India expands its offering by launching an innovative extended warranty product

‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ will be offered in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance and Daimler Financial Services India

  • ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’, Mercedes-Benz India’s second after-sales initiative launched in 2017, will be launched with 3 periodic ownership options: 4th year | 4th& 5th year | 4th, 5th and 6th year
  • The programme boasts of a host of customer benefits and value addition comprising unlimited mileage warranty, flexibility of purchase anytime within the first three years of operation
  • The new extended warranty programme has pan-India serviceability across any Mercedes-Benz dealership
  • ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ also reduces the extended warranty price significantly compared to existing programmes.The cost of Insurance under ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ will be as low as INR 33,000 for the A-Class and INR 1,98,000 for the S-Class
  • Introduction of an innovative ‘Online Calculator’ which assists the customer by simplifying the purchasing process even further


Mumbai, May 16, 2017:The country’s largest luxury car manufacturer,Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with Daimler Financial Services India and Reliance General Insurance, today launched a unique extended warranty product- ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’, aimed towards a hassle free vehicle ownership experience for its discerning customers. Mercedes-Benz customers, who currently avail the extended warranty program up to 4th year of operation, will now be offered an extended warranty upto 6 years with ‘Advanced Approved Programme’. This unique insurance product was launched by Mr. Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Fred Weick, MD & CEO, Daimler Financial Services India and Mr. Rakesh Jain, MD, Reliance General Insurance India.


Continuing its endeavour of providing the Best Customer Experience to its discerning patrons, the launch of the‘Advanced Approved Programme’ promises to drive tremendous value to a new as well as an existing customer. This unique product will enhance the vehicle ownership experience even further beyond the standard warranty tenure of 3 years. Advance Assurance program will be available in 3 options, namely 4th Year, 4th& 5th Year and for 4th,5th, and 6th Year.


Commenting on the launch of ‘Advanced Assurance Programme, Mr. Roland Folger stated, ‘My Mercedes My Service’ was launched last year with the objective of creating a new benchmark in the luxury car industry, whereby the customer gets to enjoy service excellenceand the lowest cost of ownership for theircherishedMercedes-Benz vehicle. With an aim of providing complete peace of mind for patrons, Mercedes-Benzhas introducedinnovative service packages and flexible Finance & Insurance programmesfrom its group company, Daimler Financial Services. With the launch of ‘Advanced Assured Programme’ today, we have furthered deepened our customer commitment and offered yet another reason to buya Mercedes-Benz. We are confident that the numerous benefits associated with ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ will drive complete peace of mind for our discerning patrons and offer them an unparalleled ownership experience.”


Fred Weick, Managing Director & CEO, DFS India commented, “Daimler Financial Services India remains Mercedes-Benz’s preferred financial partner and has been offering truly innovative Finance & Insurance products for the brand’s customers for the last five years. Insurance business remains one of our key strengths and the launch of ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance is a reiteration of our commitment to creating the best customer experience.

The ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ packs a host of unique benefits and values, and promises to become yet another preferred product from our portfolio.”


Mr. Rakesh Jain, CEO, Reliance General Insurance said, we are delighted to be exclusive partners with Mercedes-Benz, a brand that stands for the aspiration, performance and perfection, in this initiative. This partnership reiterates our commitment to offer a wide range of customized products offering protection and deliver exemplary experience to customers at every stage of their product life cycle.


Key features of Advanced Assurance Programme:

‘Advance Assurance Program’ introduces numerous benefits and features for the customerthat become applicable after the completion of the standard 3 year warranty (2 year standard warranty + 1 year STAR CARE).


Varying periodic options:Advance Assurance program will be launched with 3 periodic ownership options, namely, 4th Year, 4th& 5th Year and 4th, 5th, and 6th Year.

Flexibility:These extended warrantyprogrammes can be purchased anytime before the completion of the 3rd year of ownership. There is also an exit clause available with these programmes where a customer can exit if he wishes to within the standard warranty period.

Attractive Pricing: The ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ significantly reduces the extended warranty price when compared to the existing programmes. The ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ for the all New LWB E-Class for instance is Rs. 66,000 which is 18% lesser than the existing extended warranty programmes.

The aggressive pricingis a result of high product confidence and in-depth knowledge of the Indian driving behaviors using big data analysis, and reinforcesMercedes-Benz’s low cost of ownership proposition.

Unlimited mileage: Advanced Assurance Programme features unlimited mileage warranty and sold to non-commercial customers only. These programmes are also transferable to the second and subsequent owners.

Serviceability:Serviceability of the vehicle under this programme is pan-India.


‘Assured Advance Programme’ Online Calculator:

The innovative online calculator introduced with ‘Advanced Assurance Programme’ and available at the Mercedes-Benz India’s official website ( to calculate the price based upon the selected Model and Age. It also allows the customer to view the prices for the selected model across all age and segment in the same screen.Additionally, the email functionality of the calculator allows the customer to get a quick estimate of the product as per the selection.

The online calculator will drive immense value to a customer enabling her/him to get price estimation for his selected product of choice, even before contacting the dealership.

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