Marriage allowance and Special Leave for SBI employees

The State Bank of India has come up with the marriage allowance and a seven days’ leave for first time marriage of its employees during the entire career. The marriage allowance seems to be only for bachelor and there is a monetary ceiling.

A plain reading of the circular gives an impression that it may be gender discriminatory. Perhaps that will be addressed soon with a clarification whether the term bachelor includes spinsters too. As per the circular, all award staff (not officers) will be eligible for a maximum of Rs.3,000, while those in the Junior Management Grade (Scale I), Middle Management Grade (Scale II and III) and Senior Management Grade (Scale IV and V) can get up to Rs.5,000. Those in the Top Executive Grade (Scale VI and VII) and TEG (Scale I and II) are eligible for Rs.7,500 and Rs.10,000 respectively.

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