ICICI Bank launches one-stop portal for foreign companies

ICICI Bank has launched an online platform to enable foreign companies to establish or expand business in India.

“The platform, called ‘Infinite India’, offers banking solutions as well as value-added services such as incorporation of a business entity, corporate filings, licences and registrations, HR services, compliances and taxation among others,” the bank said in a statement.

The value-added services will be available in association with a leading cloud-based business accounting and corporate services firm, while the bank will continue to induct more partners to expand its bouquet of services on the platform.

ICICI Bank claimed it is an industry-first initiative, and it eliminates the need of co-ordinating with multiple touchpoints “leading to a hassle-free experience of doing business in India.”

The bank said it aims to strengthen its position in the multinational corporations (MNC) segment. “Driven by its dedicated team of relationship specialists, a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled services and leveraging on its global footprint to drive India-linked business, ICICI Bank will continue to build strong relationships with MNCs in India,” the bank said.

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