Financial Hospital provides Success Mantra to the Entrepreneurs

With experience of over a decade Financial Hospital has gained experience to cognize the human mind deeply with regard to the way they looks at financial and tax advisory. Their success mantra has always been the customer centric products and services that they provide. Financial Hospital (est. 2004) is a leading investment Advisory company headquartered in Mumbai with 7 offices across India. It’s owned by Mihika Insurance & Financial Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Its online platform allows users to get online consultancy towards financial planning, tax planning and other financial aspects. It also provides online investment solutions, vacillating from Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds, etc. Financial Hospital was founded by Mr Manish Hingar, Chartered Accountant by profession.

Their customers have been with them since the time they enrolled with their services because of their vision of “Customer First”. This vision has percolated to all the levels in the company and is the prime reason why our customers trust us with something as sensitive as their financial assets.

Their mission is to create a market for wealth and tax advisory in India, where people feel free to raise their queries and concerns. They want to provide pure consultancy with complete proficiency and pellucidity. Seeing a big opportunity in India for the wealth and financial advisory space they feel having the following qualities can help them achieve success:

  • Giving an unbiased advice to the client
  • Understanding the financial goal and risk enthusiasm of the client
  • Handling client’s emotional attachment to their objective.
  • Having a sense of responsibility as we will be dealing with life’s earning of the client.

They believe that the forte to move forward is the acceptance of failure, learning form the past experience can lead to further wisdom and improvement. Maintaining a proper cash flow, having exultant and gratified clients as well as employees is the key mantra while moving ahead.

According to them in the Distribution and Advisory space, introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning assuredly can be a game changer. With an in-house IT Team, they are ready to keep up to swiftness with the vicissitudes in the wealth and advisory, they have the tech savvy model which will help them to withstand the hard time in the future.

Their vision of “client first” has percolated to all the levels in the company and is the prime reason why their customers trust them with something as profound as their financial assets.

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