Employees with advanced digital skills contribute $508 b to India’s GDP

Employees with advanced digital skills contribute $508 b to India’s GDP

A report by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud arm of the e-commerce giant, has revealed that employees in India who use advanced digital skills, including cloud architecture or software development, contribute an estimated $507.9 billion to India’s annual gross domestic product (GDP).

According to the research titled ‘Asia Pacific Digital Skills Study: The Economic Benefits of a Tech-Savvy Workforce’, stated that workers’ digital calibre reported 92% higher salaries compared to those with a similar education who do not use digital skills at work.

In addition, it is also found that advanced digital workers in India are benefiting from more than just a boost in their income. Moreover, 91% of workers who use advanced digital skills to express higher job satisfaction, compared to 74% of workers with intermediate skills and 70% of workers with basic digital skills.

The study classifies basic digital skills as the ability to use email, word processors, other office productivity software, and social media. Intermediate digital skills include drag-and-drop website design, troubleshooting applications, and data analysis. Advanced digital skills include cloud architecture or maintenance, software or application development, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

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