Digita expansion for Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

To expand its digital presence, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is looking for distributors a seamless transaction path and it has aldo tied up with MF Utility.

Mirae Asset D.I.T (Distributor Initiated Transaction) is launched for all financial and non-financial transactions submission through MFU either electronically or physically through the authorized Points of Service (“POS”) of MFUI.

Mr. Swarup Mohanty, CEO, Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Pvt. Ltd. commented “It is our endeavor to provide multiple avenues for our partners and investors to invest in a seamless manner. In continuation of the same, we are happy to tie up with MF utility for providing a pleasant investment experience. In the recent time, there isn’t a single day when I had to answer a question from either Investor or Distributor as to why Mirae Asset is not there on MFU System. We are happy to note that the Investors and Distributors are recognizing the benefits offered and are finding MFU as an easy and convenient system. With the increased volume and adoption, the cost of participation has also come down considerably. All our distributors can now make use of the variety of transaction submission options, and other conveniences offered by MFU”

Mr. V Ramesh Managing Director & CEO of MF Utility, welcoming the addition of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund said “We thank all the Distributors and Investors who are using the MFU System for making it happen. We are seeing exponential growth in opening of Common Account Number (CAN) and use MFU System to submit transactions without any hassle. It is heartening to see that the growth is seen without any advertisement or marketing initiatives. The users are our ambassadors. We will continue to roll out more features and facilities that will make MFU even more convenient for everyone.” Speaking about the transaction volumes, he added that “over Rs. 3.50 lakh crore worth of Mutual Fund transactions are being put through MFU every month.”

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