Companies may get all approvals with only PAN on new portal

From next year businesses may just need to fill in their PAN on the “national single window system” (NSWS) portal being developed by the government to get approvals for new projects, buying land, license renewals and subsequently to file all returns.

Filling the pan number will auto populate the required forms and only current figures will need to be entered. Union commerce minister Piyush Goyal said the ongoing beta testing for this portal has had an efficiency rate of 99.3% with 76,000 applications submitted on the same (only 549 faced glitches) and over 48,000 of them getting approved.

“A large number of central government departments and states/union territories have on boarded the NSWS. We are moving towards a database already existing with the government as the single entry point. This will most probably be the pan number. Once you put that in, a lot of basic data about the company like its directors and their addresses will get auto populated on forms that will eliminate all the duplication that currently have be gone through while applying for licenses,” Goyal said.

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