CA Institute extends time limit for UDIN generation to 60 days

Practising Chartered Accountants will now have more time to generate Unique Documentation Identification Number (UDIN) for every document or report certified by them. This is because the Central Council of the CA Institute decided to increase the time limit for generation of UDIN to sixty days from the date of signing of the auditor’s report or certificate, as against 15 days now allowed.

“With this decision, we have aligned the time limit for UDIN generation with that of the 60 days level specified in our Standards on Auditing and Standard on quality control. Everybody wanted uniformity between the two and central council agreed to it”, Nihar Jambusaria, President, ICAI said.

A part of the reason for this decision could also be attributed to the Covid19 pandemic which has put millions of Indians into difficulties, he added.

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