Beware of Mobile SIM Swap Fraud

A new threat- sim swap has hit the banking industry. It is a malpractice wherein fraudsters duplicate sim card in your name to hack into your bank account.

Secure your bank account & card from such frauds and enjoy hassle-free banking experience. The Information Technology has made the life easier. Everything is now available at the tip of the button. Just enter a code in mobile and transfer money to anyone. Though the facility seems to be very easy to operate but at the same time it is too much vulnerable. If the phone is lost it has very high risk of being used by fraudsters.

Now losing the costly phone is not the only risk. The risk is the loads of data in the phone which can be misused by anyone. Please do not store any sensitive information in your phone. Keep a backup of all userid, password, email at a secure place so that in the event of loss of mobile, laptop you can immediately contact customer care and block the facility so that it cannot be misused.

Do not create easy password as date of birth, year, details of spouse. While setting pin do not give your year of birth as 4 digit pin. Getting your year of birth is very easy. Create passwords which are hard to remember and use # or @ in password. Store it in a safe place and not in your mobile or online email application.

Backup your mobile data at regular intervals and change your passwords often.  Be very careful while opening any application in cyber cafe. You may forget to logout and your information may be stolen by anyone. People often forget to logout when they access their social media accounts or gmail.

5 things you should do to prevent a SIM Swap fraud:
  • Check with your operator if your number unusually stops working
  • Do not share your 20 digits SIM number mentioned on the back of your SIM with anyone
  • Do not display your mobile number on social media platforms
  • Register for instant bank alert with your bank
  • Never respond to unknown emails or calls asking for your account details or mobile number

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