Bandhan Bank to hire workers for fulfilling work force shortage


Bandhan Bank is planning to hire about 5000 people in 2017 to meet the growing work force need at branches and other doorstep service centres.

It has also developed a banking curriculum for graduates at its training facility with a promise to take them on board on successful completion.

The bank has built 826-strong branch network in just one and a half year of its life and plans another 160-170 branches by March 2018.

It has 23,600 employees at present. “We have witnessed 6% attrition rate and keeping this in mind, we would be looking to hire 5000 this year,” Ghosh said.

Back of the hand calculation shows that about 1000-1200 of the new recruits would be hired for operating the new branches. The rest will be hired either to replace the gaps created by attrition or for doorstep service centres.


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