Aviva Heart Care voted winner for Product Innovation in the Insurance Category 2017

Aviva Heart Care, a premium product of Aviva Life Insurance, one of India’s leading private insurance companies, has been voted the ‘Product of the Year 2017’ by Product of the Year (POY) India. Aviva Heart Care was voted winner for Product Innovation in the Insurance Category 2017.


Product of the Year (POY) is selected through a consumer research conducted by Neilson across India toidentify innovation through a 100% face to face consumer voting via an in-depth survey. POY is an International Standard of Consumer Recognition and celebrates the best product innovations across categories in 37 countries.  This research is the direct outcome of the pulse of consumers in India and follows a robust methodology.


The inception of Aviva Heart Care was rooted in the Aviva philosophy of Defy Uncertainty in the lives of their customers. This product addressed an innovative insight into customers’ lives, where they felt vulnerable against cardiac disease given its high incidence in India. A customer focused approach coupled with the core idea of addressing the needs of today’s rapidly evolving customers, made this product fill this need gap.


Aviva Heart Care as a product not only brought heart health to the fore but also encouraged couples to secure their hearts together, the first of a kind health insurance plan for couples in India. And the fact that customers themselves recognized and appreciated the importance of this innovative relevant proposition in their lives is significant.


Commenting on bagging the prestigious accolade, Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer Marketing and Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance said, “Winning this accolade is certainly a proud moment for us, as our customers have borne testimony to it being a unique concept that they have loved!This is what Good Customer Outcomes are all about! We are truly making a difference to the lives of real customers around us with an idea that is relevant and unique, and that has found a resonance in their lives”

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